Defective Chinese Drywall
This consortium…There are the only five known inspectors, in the greater Houston area and 8 surrounding counties, which are competent to guide an owner thru this process. No other group has spent sufficient research time and sufficient "hands on" experience to develop this help. This research continues because Chinese Drywall continues to be an evolving problem where answers are being found everyday.



Chinese (Tainted) Drywall

Chinese Drywall Inspectors


"What Do I Do?"
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If you are concerned that your building or proposed structure has Chinese Drywall, the very first step is a "Threshold" inspection.

These are the steps advised by HUD and CPSC and this consortium:

HUD finally adopted an inspection protocol in 2010, it is a two part inspection, the first (Threshold) is a noninvasive inspection which finds the home either negative or positive for Chinese Drywall. If the results are negative then no further inspections are needed.
Update: this protocol has been amended three times during 2010

The second part is an invasive (sampling and testing) inspection called the Corroborating Evidence inspection. Physical sampling and laboratory testing is necessary here. If the findings are negative, no further action is needed.

Contact legal representation thru your inspector or as listed in this site for attorneys who are currently knowledgeable about Chinese Drywall. An attorney who is not is simply not able to represent you competently due to the evolving nature and complexity of this issue. (The consortium does not affiliated with any attorney, however your inspector will likely be needed in court)

The final step is remediation which has partial protocols established by HUD but you should know that these protocols are not proven or, in some cases, have been proved inadequate. This does involve moving out of your home along with your furnishings. The interior of your home is literally stripped out and the off gassing Hydrogen Sulfide neutralization is attempted. This neutralization is a problem at this point.

What Should I Do If I Think My House Has Problem Drywall?

Answer: We recommend four steps:

1. The most important issue is your health and safety. If you are suffering from the health symptoms described as common to the reports of exposure to problem drywall, please consult your physician as soon as possible. If you experience any of the electrical or fire safety concerns described as common to the reports of exposure to problem drywall, please consult your local gas or electric supplier and a licensed electrician or building inspector as soon as possible.

2. You should contact your State and local authorities to report your concerns and get direction on any help or resources in your area.

3. You should also report your concerns to us using the form at

4. You should also consider contacting your insurance company and homebuilder to report your concerns.

Can I depend on a normal home inspection for Chinese Drywall identification?

Normal home inspections do not cover, nor are they mandated to cover, Chinese Drywall issues. The licensed inspector may or may not know how to determine the presence of Chinese Drywall.

Update: Take the smell for example;

Self diagnosis is dangerous because all of the indicators might be from other causes of sources. Misdiagnosis is common and requires an in depth knowledge or both construction and the indicators plus the ability to assess them from a forensic standpoint prior to establishing a final answer. Somewhere between rotten eggs and burnt wiring.

Where will the findings be reported to?

Reporting of findings should only be given to the inspector's client. In no cases should the inspector report findings to anyone but the client!

This consortium does NOT report to any list or agency,
the inspection findings are delivered to the client only.

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